Renata Derks, a professional masseuse:
“ULIM is the most appropriate university for my career”

Renata Derks is a professional masseuse, known in the country and abroad by the excellent representation of the Republic of Moldova within international profile events. The holder of almost 70 diplomas, obtained after the being trained at specialists in practicing the massage from Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, the Republic of Moldova. The young girl makes hers studies at ULIM, the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology, the 2nd year. Although, she has university studies in economics and medicine (secondary studies), the young girl reoriented in order to have a requested profession and with incomes without a maximum limit.

Currently, Renata Derks became one of the most requested masseuse at Top Spa Fest from Russia, a profile event that regroups professionals from many countries of the world in order to teach and train. The young girl is a perfectionist who explains the fact that the massage is not a hobby for her and she decided to continue her studies at ULIM, choosing the biomedicine, which helps her to be successful in her profession by university professional training.

I choose the professionalism in all she is doing. ULIM is namely the most appropriate university for my career. I recommend to young people who did not decide yet what studies to make, to choose the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology, which I appreciate as being efficient and practical”, says Renata Derks.

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